Wifi adapter not found Fedora 32

Yeah my topic is similar to many topic but none was able to solve my problem…

I have to finally write this topic again because I am trying to solve my problem of wifi since two months and still I am not able to solve, please someone help me, I am using hp laptop, fedora 32 on dual boot, kernel version 5.6. something, RTL8723de,
I have seen many suggested [ GitHub - rtlwifi-linux/rtlwifi_new: A repo for the newest Realtek rtlwifi codes. ] this github link but it does not content driver for rtl8723de (mention in README.md file of this link itself).
I am sharing some screenshots

I was also trying from [ https://dev.to/harshmangal1108/wifi-drivers-fedora-32-4occ ] this link but this also is not working, see screenshot…

For me this one is not working as well: WNA3100 (N300) Wireless USB Adapter Support | NETGEAR
Possibly there is no Kernel support for it, so Fedora cannot do anything about it.

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Have you see this?:

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hey I was actually trying option2. In my second screenshot i have given you the error that i faced while going thru option2 8th step, Well I am new to linux, my kernel version is 5.6 something do i have to make changes in

dkms install rtl8723de/

There have been a lot of updates on F32. You are using kernel 5.6.6? which implies you have never done a “sudo dnf upgrade” command and that a lot of stuff throughout the system is still at the original release versions. The kernel is currently at 5.8.15 or so. You also would need to make certain all the packages needed to build kernel modules are installed – kernel-devel and kernel-headers especially. Your error message seems to indicate the headers are not installed for 5.6.6 and an install of the headers will give you the newest, not that older kernel version

I would suggest that you do another full system upgrade then try again with the attempt to get the wireless working after you boot to the newly installed kernel. Use “uname -a” to verify the running kernel and change your dkms command to match the running kernel.

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yeah, after F32 installation i have never done “sudo dnf upgrade” because of slow internet connectivity. It means I will have to upgrade first… :pensive:


I definitely understand slow internet connections. What I used to do was start a large download on a slow connection at night just before I went to bed, and it usually was done by the time I got up. I did not have to wait for it or get interrupted.

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