Why these don't want to get updated?

I’m on Fedora 39 and these apps don’t want to get updated on Software, what gives?, I click on update and they seem to update but they reset to the same state:


Sometimes, the below error message appears:


Maybe they would update with sudo flatpak update on the command line. Or maybe they are already at the latest.

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sudo flatpak update doesn’t work, I get a similar error message as in the above screenshot:

I lately got the message to remove Gnome Application Platform version 45 on F40
45.10 will be EOL (see release calendar from Gnome)

Try to update Freedesktop Platform and Gnome Application Platform version 46 app separately and see if this works.

If yes you might have to test if you can remove it after a reboot.
If not please report it.

It also would be good if you tell us if you are on Silverblue or just Workstation. You can respond seting a tag for that.