Why there's few boards on arm-image-installer?

Hi Everyone!
I just discovered the SBC boards and ARM world recently and I find all that ecosystem very interesting for learn purposes, but I found that there’s a lot of board options but on Arm Image Installer the options are limited to maybe 10-20 boards.
I was looking on the U-boot repository and there’s a lot of boards supported by the project, including the ones included in the Arm Image Installer.
So my questions is Why the list of boards in the Installer is reduced to a few ones?
Thanks a lot!

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My guess is it is limited to the boards that fedora arm developers have to test against.

The command arm-image-installer --supported will show the boards that are officially supported.
I suspect that several may use the same config file so the files shown are less than the numbers of boards supported.

There are actually about 150 different boards supported according to that list.