Why sometimes my capslock gets inverted?

Im using last fedora SB, and since starting to use Linux as my main system , i realize that the capslock key gets inverted from times to times (lights on become lower case)
And it only gets fixed if i reboot my computer.

Is there a way to fix without reboot ?

Tried ibus restart on terminal but didnt solve
Using wireless keyboard

setleds --leds -caps works for me (or setleds --leds +caps to turn the light on). However, I find that I have to run it from a virtual terminal (ctrl+alt+f3).

Also, I’m using Fedora Workstation, not Silverblue.

Edit: FYI, I just discovered that setleds --leds -caps < /dev/console will allow me to toggle the LEDs without switching to a VT (but I have to run it as root).

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