Why some apps have different size if I install from terminal or Software store?

Hi all,

Many times I see a different size for apps if I install from terminal or Software store, for example Libreoffice from terminal it’s download size 26 MB and install size 74 MB but in the software store download is 2.3 GB and install size 1.1 GB, Firefox another example, in terminal download about 100 MB install 250 MB in Software store (registry.fedoraproject.org source) 2.1 GB download and 270 MB install.

I hope to understand why, are there for example a feature differences or what?

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It seems that GNOME Software prioritizes LibreOffice flatpaks over RPMs.
Meanwhile RPMs are generally more compact than other formats.

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Because Software store shows both RPM’s and Flatpaks. In your screenshot, Source: registry.fedoraproject.org indicates that it is a flatpak.

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