Why my screen brightness level is not saved?


I am new to linux and recently installed fedora. I noticed that my brightness setting is not saved. My brightness is set to mid level and I usually take it to max screen brightness. However, I have to do that after every boot up. How can I save my brightness level setting so I don’t have to change it every time I start my computer. Thanks

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Welcome to :fedora: !

Your question is related to the desktop environment you are using. Which one are you using? GNOME? KDE? another one?

If you are not sure: have you installed “Fedora Workstation”, or one of the spins (such as “KDE spin”)? If you are not sure about that, feel free to just provide the link of the Fedora image you have downloaded+installed. Or alternatively, provide a screenshot of your whole desktop when all windows and such are closed (ensure that the screenshot does not contain anything you consider private, although a blank desktop should not contain private information).

Hello Chris. Thanks for your reply. I am on Gnome bro

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Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, my experience with GNOME is limited. I hope some of the GNOME people here know how to identify/solve the issue.

Did you disable or mask systemd backlight service?

On a minimal install (not Gnome, so don’t know if it will work), I go to /sys/class/backlight/
In there there is a file maximum brightness. It probably reads 255, but check because you don’t want to set brightness higher than the number there. I only have this issue with one laptop and on Alma linux, not Fedora, but you can then do

sudo echo <a number of your choice> /sys/class/backlight/<card>/brightness. It should persist after reboot.

Again, I don’t use Gnome, so I don’t know about systemd backlight.service, but this method has worked for me when using minimal install.

Hi @highsteam Try dconfig to set the brightness.