Why might I want to use Fedora's flatpak repo for F36 instead of Flathub?


I found this steering wiki: Flatpak - Fedora Project Wiki

that says Fedora flatpaks are OCIs instead of ostrees, and must start as RPMs. What sort of performance or size considerations do these differences in the spec for Fedora’s repo have compared to Flathub?

Those differences aside, why might one prefer to install flatpaks from Fedora’s flatpak repo as opposed to flathub, or vice versa?



This is old but I’ve had it bookmarked to answer for a while…

The basic thing is: Flathub has more relaxed policies about what’s allowed. This can be good — lower barriers to entry, more software — but also means that there’s less oversight. Less consistency in security choices. Everything in the Fedora flatpak repo has the same scrutiny as one of our packages.