Why is waypipe built without video support?

I just learned about Waypipe, and followed these instructions for how to use it, but whenever I try to use the --video option it throws me this error message: “Option --video not allowed: this copy of Waypipe was not built with video support.” I assume this is something that Fedora has done deliberately, so what is the reasoning behind it? It would be nice if Fedora supported this, so that we could have the option to prioritize framerate over image quality if we wanted.

If you do not get a reply here that helps I suggest you raise a bug against waypipe for the maintainer to respond with a fix or the reason.

I see that the waypipe package was initial created with that option disabled, back in 2019.

Looking at the build options, it says:

option('with_video', type : 'feature', value : 'auto', description : 'Link with ffmpeg libraries and provide a command line option to display all buffers using a video stream')

It’s possible that back in 2019, there weren’t any ffmpeg libraries you could link against, since ffmpeg wasn’t added to Fedora until 2 years ago.

I suggest filing a bug against the package, suggesting that it should be able to be compiled with ffmpeg now.

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The solution is still, as suggested by @barryascott to file a bug report with bugzilla.redhat.com against that package and ask that it be modified.

Thanks all, I think I’ve successfully managed to file the bug. 2241572 – Please build waypipe with ffmpeg support

Thank you! And thanks to @ngompa for getting this fixed!

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