Why is dnf so slow?


Hello, I have used Manjaro before and using Raspbian on my Raspberry Pi 3
When I am using dnf search/install/remove etc. it is significantly slower than both pacman and apt. Why is it? A single dnf search takes up to 1-2 minutes. My computer is not on the top quality but apt takes around 10 secs and pacman was taking around 5 seconds.

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This doesn’t look like a Fedora-specific question sir

Hello, I have used other distros and dnf seemed so slow to me. I heard that dnf is slower but isn’t 2 minutes too much for a simple dnf search command or is there a problem with my dnf?

See that link above? Go there.

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Here is something else you may like:

If dnf keeps checking the repositories for each session, that can come across as a delay. In which case you can set metadata_expire=2d (two days … adjust as you like). That reduces the amount of checks at the risk of being out of sync with the repositories.

Point is, you may be able to improve the speed with one or two settings. If you are still unsatisfied, you can install apt with dnf too (dnf install apt) or report the anomaly to the developers

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Okay, I will give it a try. Thanks!

You should also diagnose in which point it is slow.
Is it slow checking metadata? Is it slow because each time you use dnf, it checks metadata? Or even if it doesn’t check the repositories is it slow as well? Is it slow downloading packages?
You could also consider to set fastestmirror=true in /etc/dnf/dnf.conf, and see if things get better.


Oh, thanks. It made it faster!

I don’t think this is DNF’s fault. It’s just that Fedora repos have a lot of metadata to download before you can search. Not that I actually did any measurements but I’ve never really noticed it on any other distro. It’s true though that package searches on Fedora can take some time on occasion (where it needs to download metadata). I’d say apt would probably have the same issue.
Also since you mentioned Manjaro, pacman wouldn’t refresh metadata unless instructed to do so. Thus giving you fast searches every time although they could be outdated.


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