Why don’t these say “f36” or “rawhide”?

I have Fedora Kinoite Rawhide. I expect my system’s version to always appear as “Rawhide” or “36” (since the current Branched version is 35). There’s a couple of places where I see something different:

  • rpm-ostree install google-noto-serif-fonts finishes by saying that it added “google-noto-serif-fonts-20201206-3.fc35.noarch”.
  • flatpak list says that org.fedoraproject.Platform’s version if 34 and that its branch is f34.

Why don’t these say “f36” or “rawhide”?

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So, during the release cycle, we “branch” the next release from rawhide. So this time for example, rawhide initially pointed to F35 and when F35 was branched, rawhide started pointing to F36. If a package has not been rebuilt in rawhide since branching, you will still see the F35 rpm there.

This does not create any issues, especially for simpler packages such as the font packages. If these aren’t re-built (for a new version of a bugfix etc.), they will remain at F35 until the next “mass rebuild” occurs, which will now be once the F36 development cycle begins, before F36 is branched from rawhide.

You can see how these things order up in the F35 release calendar:


PS: please note that rawhide is the development version and isn’t quite supported like a released version is. For any rawhide based discussion, you should speak to the QA team as noted here: