Why does this window pop up when I log in?

Every time I log into my standard user account I get this dialog box asking for my admin password. Based on the text I’m assuming that Kinoite wants to check if there’s an update available, but for some reason needs my admin password? A similar or the same window comes up whenever I open Discover and will actually show up repeatedly while Discover is open. Is this normal or intended behavior? Anyone else experiencing this?

Using a ThinkPad T460s with Fedora Kinoite that should be up to date. I only see this come up in my standard user account and not when I log in with my admin account.

Discover will try to fetch updates using rpm-ostree in the background and when opened by default.

There is a polkit rule to make this work for admin users without requesting a password or admin access.

Maybe we should add some logic to Discover to not do system updates via rpm-ostree if launched by a non admin user, but figuring out that you’re not an admin user is not that easy.

Maybe we should skip rpm-ostree checks if you’re not part of wheel.

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Made a first draft for this in Draft: rpm-ostree: Limit update checks if not admin (!592) · Merge requests · Plasma / Discover · GitLab

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Reading the draft that sounds like a good change and expected behavior. If Discover will check for updates when I request it from a standard user account, that works for me. Otherwise I just threw me off to see those prompts. My security spidey sense told me to not enter my admin password into a prompt I don’t understand or didn’t request.

It would be nice if Discover could some how check for updates automatically at least once even from a standard account, but if the above solution is the one that works, that’s fine by me because I know to regularly check for updates. For folks who think about it less often it would be nice to think of a workaround for them.

Didn’t realize I could be an edge case by primarily working from a standard account instead of admin. :sweat_smile:

I checked on the MR and it seems like it may have been blocked? Is this something that’s on track to be fixed in Fedora 39? Or is this contained to Discover?

I haven’t had the time to fully test it yet so this is not merged. Once this gets merged, this will land in the next KDE Plasma update as I’ll backport it to 5.27 (so it will land in F39 at some point hopefully).