Why does LVM merge hang at 100%?

I have two logical volumes, one for the root partition and one is a snapshot before I do my upgrade:

I created the before_upgrade snapshot before I run sudo dnf upgrade -y. The upgrade completes but I want to revert back to my previous system state that is before_upgrade.

So what I do is I boot into a live Fedora 31 system, open my encrypted partition using cryptsetup open /dev/sda3 dm_crypt and activate my logical volumes using vgchange -a y.

Now I do a LVM merge using lvconvert --merge /dev/vgfedora/before_upgrade.

This seems to work fine until you it reaches 100%. It just hangs.

Now when I hit Ctrl+C I get the message :
Giving up waiting for lock. Can't get lock for vgfedora..

I have verified that vgfedora is not being used by anything else, then why is this happening ?

I have noticed this in Fedora only, Ubuntu restores fine. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

Here is my output for lsblk -f


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The problem is with the LVM version that comes with the stock install. This is the version:

LVM Version: 2.03.05(2)

Library Version: 1.02.163

Driver Configuration: 4.40.0

Using a linux distro that uses a more recent version solves the problem. For me, I used ArcoLinux which uses a more recent version by default:

LVM version: 2.02.186(2)

Library version: 1.02.164

Driver Version: 4.41.0

The driver are however updated in Fedora after a fresh install my running sudo dnf upgrade or my upgrading from the Software Centre.

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