Why do i get a kernel-core error in abrt every minute or so but the computer works just fine


i downloaded some stuff in my computer (btw its fedora 36) and i just randomly got like 100’s of error messages coming in my notifications… it didn’t show up just after i installed the program and just showed up when i was watching youtube. The error shows some kind of kernel-core error… i even tried downgrading the kernel and kernel-core from 5.18 to 5.17 but the error still comes… i saw the details of it and thought it was my appimagelauncher so i uninstalled that and checked and yet the error kept coming and since it said libstdc++, i checked if that is not installed properly and found that it had an i363 version too, i tried to remove that but dnf outputted that many main apps and libraries are going to be deleted… so i aborted the removal… btw ive used fedora 36 for a long time before and the error never came… that was some months ago… i switched to vanila arch and am back to fedora and here i get this error…
Screenshots are below
Here is my hw-probe results

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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