Why do Atomic ISOs have no live mode?

I dont know for what reasons the Atomic ISOs have no live mode, but I guess its because they use a different way to write the image to the disk. Why are they so huge with 2,6GB? Aren’t they just netinstallers?

Would there be a way to either

  • make a live Desktop possible on these ISOs
  • use a pure netinstaller (like Ublue), and ship the regular live Fedora in parallel

Live Modes are just there for users to try out the distro. They should not install anything etc, so the immutability wouldn’t be visible. But a big step towards making Fedora Atomic the regular Fedora, would be to allow users to try the Distro before installing.

Another thing would be OEM installers, which I am pretty sure that also doesnt exist yet.

Btw. is it on purpose that the “read more about immutable Version” points to Silverblue, and all the others are hidden away? I guess a showcase website for all immutable variants would be really nice (but I am no webdev sorry)


Good question. I thought maybe there was something wrong with my ISO because I wasn’t prepared for just an installer with no live mode.

It went fine in the end, though.