Why can't I see Magazine article previews?

Thanks. That was a good tip, but I still cannot read the actual text. I can browse through the WordPress admin interface and see that it is there (along with other draft articles), but I can’t open it from that list. The direct link above also still gives me the 404 error page.

However, I don’t want to distract from the main conversation here. Should I open a new topic to ask about this? In the Project Discussion category? Somewhere else? I am not sure.

I made a new thread for you :classic_smiley:

Hmm, I’m not sure. I thought once you had signed onto the WP site, you should be able to see the preview. There is another preview link that WP gives once an article is actually scheduled. Maybe the following one works better?

@smarnv - if you are the author you can see the preview (you need to be logged in first)
if you are not the author nor the admin WP will throw the 404. Also the preview URL is not the original URL of the article

There is also a checkbox for “public preview” wich will generate a specific URL with a password that you can use for sharing it with a larger team for a feedback Let me know if you need any help.