Why can software like R and Julia not be installed using Gnome Software?

This may be a silly question. Why software like R and Julia are not included in Gnome software? To install them with command line is very straightforward, but for a new user, having them in software seems more friendly.


It isn’t a silly question at all. :slight_smile:

Gnome-software is not meant to be a front end for dnf. It is only a “software store” type application that tends to list GUI tools only. That’s why things like programming language stacks: R, Julia, Python are not listed there. Generally, people install an associated tool, such as an IDE which then also installs the language as a dependency.

So, in short, Gnome software does not provide us with access to all the packages in Fedora. It provides access to a subset, and it also includes Flatpaks (which dnf does not).

If you are looking for a GUI to dnf, you should use dnfdragora.


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