Why 'Ask Fedora' threads get locked (so soon)?

+1 If this can be done, it’ll help a lot.

Yes, improve the visibility of linked topics will solve the “cannot post reply” issues to locked topics.

If anyone need to edit a locked post, for obvious and critical typos, we can tag a moderator for help.

This will be very helpful.


That would be a very good solution :bangbang:

I’ll ask in the Solved plugin development forurm – it seems like a generally-useful feature.


Oh yeah. Turns out I already did. See RFE for Solved plugin: make "new topic" more obvious - feature - Discourse Meta. And the thing they came up with is an educational message which comes up when one starts a reply to a solved topic.

So, I think maybe we should try not closing solved topics and see how that works.

Alternately, I can go back and say “this is nice, but we’d also like something more visible on closed solved topics”…

What do you think?

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That sounds good. Totally worth giving this a go.

Yeah, let’s try it, and if it’s not working we can make a new request. I’ve set it to not close posts now… let’s see what happens!

(And I’ve marked this post as the solution here, so you can reply to it and see what the notice looks like.)

I got this in the help message when replying:

This topic has been solved
Only reply here if:

You have additional details

The solution doesn’t work for you

If you have an unrelated issue, please start a new topic instead.

Hrm, can we tweak this message? What we want to say to folks, is:

“this is solved, if the solution doesn’t work for you, please start a new topic”

or something on those lines?

I expect below types of follows:

  1. This problem also exist in “New Version”
  2. This is a better solutions fo this problem
  3. The solution does not work for me

Only the second would merit more responses to the topic. The first and third scenerios require a new topic.

So, the text should say something like: “only reply here if you have a better solution, otherwise please open a new topic”

There is probably some way – @hhlp do you know how to do that? I’ll suggest it upstream, too, though, because that seems better for most situations I can see using the Solved plugin for.


I will check that as soon as posible


I think I’ve got a solution, would you like to changed this messages???:

All messages are customizables via admin → customize → text

This topic has been solved

Only reply here if:

  • You have additional details
  • The solution doesn’t work for you

If you have an unrelated issue, please start a new topic instead.

Here is the test we need to change:


Also this one


This topic is closed; it no longer accepts new replies


This is what you would like to change?

cc: @mattdm @ankursinha

Regards., HTH…


Yes, thanks!

Try it now and let me know what you think!


Also – I assume this needs to get translated somewhere, so once we are satisfied with the text we should make sure to change it in other languages as well!


to reflect somewhere, This is the works which @mattdm did:

This topic has a solution already

Only reply here if:

  • You have additional details on the existing solution.
  • You have another possible solution to the original problem.

If the marked solution does not work for you, please start a new topic instead of replying.




Hmmm. I wonder about that second one, as it’s a lot of leeway really. Perhaps too much?

I am the undisputed king of the 17-month-later, 18-month-later, eight-YEARS-later belated followup to a long-since-resolved question, but I freely admit those additions are rarely necessary and in fact often amount to me just enjoying the sound of my own voice, because nobody involved in the original discussion is listening or finds the topic remotely relevant anymore.

(Then again, there are always exceptions. Take the discussion at my first link. Another 18 months later, a newly-registered user named Admiral Smith came along and posted an alternative solution that was so much simpler and more useful than anything any of us had come up with before, that it ended up getting marked as the accepted solution — just over 3 years after the original question was posted, and had already had two previous answers accepted.)

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