Why are links on this site styled as they are?

Why do you have these reports with links:

  • in blue font
  • underlined


  • with white or grey backgrounds

The white or grey backgrounds just make the whole thing unpleasant to look at . .

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We picked this styling based on feedback that greater visual separation for links was helpful. I’m certainly open to improvements, but I do want to preserve that in any changes we might make.

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Thanks for responding!

I think if there is maybe one link per post that might be OK but when there is one link or more per line . . I am just going to swipe past . . which is unfortunate because this forum is one of my favourites out of the 30 odd Discourse sites I read . .

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I have changed the color used for the background in light mode to one step lighter, which is now very close to the background. And I fixed the theme component so that it’s dark-mode aware, so that it now does the opposite in dark mode. I’m not a big dark-mode user [1] so I could use feedback especially from people who are!

  1. I know, so uncool. I use dark terminals with bright text, but somehow that’s it ↩︎


I won’t judge you. :slight_smile: I’m a heavy user of dark mode and I think the changes are a big improvement, especially with many links near each other.


Looks much better!