Why am I unable to send direct messages to Ask Fedora members here?

I did read the instructions but I am unable to send them. Furthermore, I have done the bot tutorial but it didn’t help with the problem. Also how can I change my password or username if I decide to one day ?

You don’t have any messages

Need to have a direct personal conversation with someone, outside the normal conversational flow? Message them by selecting their avatar and using the message button.

If you need help, you can [message a staff member](https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/about).

Update- this is how it looks when I try to contact a staff member.

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Hi @fedoranewbie ,

I moved your question to #site-feedback .

Regarding change of username in ASK, please see Texlive legacy encoding support? - #2 by thomhonu

Regarding change of your password, please goto https://accounts.fedoraproject.org/ , logon and change password.

Your existing Trust Level is 1. Which should have the right to send direct-messages.

Let’s wait for our @moderators to have a look into your case.

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Are you getting an error or is message button not showing up when you click on the avatar? Here is what it looks like for me.

Keep in mind, individual users can block others from sending them PMs. Does it happen to you with all users or just some?

The message button isn’t showing up when I click on your avatar for an example and I take it you didn’t block me.


It must be a trust level issue then. Let’s wait, I am sure one of the staff will see this soon.

Yes, I don’t block PMs. :wink:

Same as myself but I’m only at trust level basic. Wouldn’t think that I would be able to message anyone with that. :wink:

The post is no updated with the screenshot of me trying to contact a staff member , the icon isn’t appearing ?

Yeah — it’s currently set to Trust Level 2.

I set it that way because people kept sending me personal messages asking for direct support, which I can’t scale to. I like to help people, but there’s no way I can do it all myself.

But it’s not really just about me — this isn’t meant to be a platform for private support. It’s better for conversations to be in the open. Generally, if you have a question or problem, someone else does too. If you have something that’s sensitive and you need a moderator to address it, you can flag a post and someone from the moderation team will respond. Honestly for this reason I was considering moving it to TL3 or TL4.

And if the problem is that you really want chat rather than an asynchronous forum, we have https://chat.fedoraproject.org/.

I should probably put this in the Trust Levels post. And @fedoranewbie – thanks for point out that text. It’s just the Discourse default and I should update it.


Thank you for explaining and everybody for helping. I perfectly undestand and the reasons are more than acceptable , my worry was that there was a glitch present with new users.

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I’ve changed the default text, but since I have messages in my inbox I can’t see what it actually looks like in practice. Anyone without anything there able to comment on how it looks now?

The message about messaging staff if you need help , might be a bit confusing for new users if they are unable to send direct messages to staff.

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Hmmmm – that is the message I thought I changed. I guess it’s not working… let me try again.

@fedoranewbie What do you think of the new message? I wrote that on the fly… and I could easily tweak the text.

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The text seems to instructive and clear for new users. The previous one a bit confusing the nex text works.