Who owns this Mastodon Account? Is it us?

I discovered this account today mastodon.social/@fedora - is this something we own? I doubt it, but rather to ask here. If it’s not one of our own, do we need to do something about this?

I remember this came up before, specifically because the account is only following the Mastodon account and an Iranian politician. I don’t think anyone in the Marketing Team has access to this account either.

As far as I know, there was no official trademark request made. I’m not sure whether it is worth the time and energy to pursue as a trademark matter, although I would defer to @mattdm or @bcotton for their input on the legality of protecting the Fedora trademark in this specific instance.

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I would add that with our account being verified and having the most followers of any @fedora account, we should be in the clear regarding any confusion from the average person. Our account is the first that comes up when you search @fedora and when you want to @ mention Fedora.

The possibility of this is inevitable because of how Mastodon works, but no one should be able to get a verified account without going through the Website and Apps team so I think we’re good in the long-term also.

I’m content enough to let this lie then. Especially if we get more visibility of the account on our official websites, I think people will come around about where the official Fedora hotness is on Mastodon. :slightly_smiling_face:

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