Who decides the distros that can be easily installed in Gnome Boxes?

I’ve liked playing with Gnome Boxes because it makes it so easy to pick a distro right from their menu and go. However, I noticed that the options for Fedora spins are limited. When I try searching, I just get variations on Workstation, Server, and Silverblue.

Are we able to add other Fedora spins to Boxes, or is that a decision that needs to be made by the Gnome community?


I don’t know if it is in the general interest of Boxes users to have 15+ more entries per Fedora release in the search results.

Fedora can customise the recommended downloads. The spins/labs would need to be added to osinfo-db first.

You can also edit the recommended downloads locally to point directly to images, without relying on osinfo-db.