Who are your favorite Linux/tech content creators and news outlets?

I promise this is relevant to Project Discussion! The Marketing Team wants to be better at amplifying the news that comes out of our community. We would like to start with the content creators you know and love! We need to learn how to get in a regular cadence with these folks, so we will pick some of your suggestions to start building relationships if we can. For example, I will try reaching out to Linux Experiment regarding the new Fedora Slimbook 14".

If you have favorite tech YouTubers like Linus Tech Tips or MKBHD, please let us know as well! If we want to grow outside of the Linux-sphere we have to reach out to people outside of this space, and tech YouTubers are in a great spot to introduce tech enthusiasts to Fedora and Linux. I think Linux is ready for the kinds of people who watch videos about custom rigs.

Please let us know about your favorite news publications as well - can be Linux focused or about tech in general. Linux news outlets like 9to5Linux and OMGLinux come to mind. The Verge and Ars Technica also come to mind. Let us know who you check regularly. We want to reach out to these sites directly as well to make sure that our news is at least landing in their inbox (assuming we have the relationship where we can send them things).

Check out lwn.net for knowledgeable coverage and informed comments.
Especially good for keeping up with linux kernel developments.


Have you subscribed to RSS and newsletter? They are really effective to fetch information as you want.


LINUX Unplugged

DistroTube (DT)

Documentation best practices and benchmarking
The Good Docs Project

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Here are some sites I find helpful:
nixCraft - Linux Tips, Hacks, Tutorials, And Ideas In Blog
TecAdmin.net - Linux Tutorials, Tips, Tricks, News And HowTo Guides
Linux Tutorials - Learn Linux Configuration - LinuxConfig.org
OSTechNix - Open Source | Technology | Linux And Unix
Linux Hardware Reviews, Open-Source Benchmarks & Linux Performance - Phoronix
Linux Delta

YouTube reviewers:
Gamers Nexus

YouTube Linux News/Podcasts:
Destination Linux
Michael Tunnell

YouTube Linux learning:
Learn Linux TV
The Urban Penguin[1]

  1. My personal favorite so far in terms of learning Linux on YouTube. ↩︎

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From YouTube in English:

From YouTube in Spanish:

Sites/Blogs in English:

Sites/Blogs in Spanish:

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I get most of my Linux content videos from TheLinuxExperiment and Niccolo Ve.

I get the majority of my news from TheLinuxExperiment’s videos, and watch Niccolo mainly for KDE Plasma news.

For outlets I use:
OMG! Ubuntu!
OMG! Linux!
It’s F.O.S.S

As well as the kde.news feed and Fedora Magazine.


djware always does good reviews: