While installing Kdenlive and a question popped out in mind about its huge "Weak depencies"

Disclaimer: Noob Alert. Trying to understand how things are being distributed. ELI5!

Why do I need to install every single language package which is weak dependencies?

Install  93 Packages
Total size: 625 M
Total download size: 595 M
Installed size: 870 M

That’s a LOT of packages to get installed. Out of 93 packages, 23 packages are language packages, out of which I would only need one package named proj-data-us. The rest of the language packages are unnecessary and useless. Why do we have to install it?

I have installed other software like Firefox. It doesn’t install all language packages, does it?! (At least it doesn’t use to happen in Ubuntu. APT used to somehow see System Language settings and install accordingly. I can’t say this for they whether this happens in Fedora or not since I’m a new user.)

Back to the main question:

  1. Is Kdenlive doing completely normal?
  2. Is this Kdelive fault who made it this way or the developer at Fedora who packaged it in such a way?

Welcome to TedTalk. I’m all ears. And thank you in advance for commenting on this.

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I don’t know the answer to your kdenlive question specifically but I can tell you that you can disable the installation of weak dependencies either permanently or temporarily with install_weak_deps=False

I am a bit of a minimal system fanatic so putting that in my dnf.conf is one of the first things I do. :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying. So if I apply this install_weak_deps=False inside my /etc/dnf/dnf.conf, I won’t have other instabilities while using the software?

Isn’t there is something like: sudo dnf install kdenlive --ignore-weak-dependencies
It would have been much easier if we had a command like that. Is there any?

And let say, I use the flag you mentioned. won’t it create a problem when it doesn’t install the default language package which I will need (i.e proj-data-us)?

There is: sudo dnf install kdenlive --setopt=install_weak_deps=False

Just keep an eye on it when you update.


Oh Wow, thanks a lot.

That will do the job.

Please also see:

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