While connected to NordVPN no access to NAS on network

I am not sure if this is normal but while I am connected to NordVPN server I can not access NAS on my network. Soon I disconnect from NordVPN all is back to normal. After testing majority of distros Fedora is my choice but Linux in general is very new to me. I am trying to get away from Windows.

Is there anything I can do to fix this problem because most of the time I am connected to NordVPN and accessing my NAS.

What method have you used to configure the VPN connection?
Are you accessing the NAS by IP or a domain name?

I used NordVPN for Linux (RPM Package) from NordVPN site. I am connecting from Terminal “nordvpn connect…”.

In file manager I have listed my NAS in “Other Locations” so I am guessing by IP?

Also if I type smb://192.168… that will also not work while connected to NordVPN

Sounds like your machine is routing all traffic, including local addresses (your NAS) through the VPN connection. Of course, that fails, since your NAS is not reachable from the internet (behind NAT of router probably). You need to tell your VPN client not to do that.

Can you share the vpn config file (remove username and password please)?


Okay, I got it. I have to add to the whitelist my subnet with command “nordvpn whitelist add subnet” It is very easy but what confused me is that under Windows I did not have that behaviour. Thank you for you help and putting me in the right direction ;

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