Which Wayland display servers are compatible with Nvidia?

Just as the title states. Are there any compositors that the proprietary NVIDIA drivers support?

As far as I know, the problem is with the Wayland protocol itself, so I doubt that there are many differences between compositors. But maybe @t0xic0der can help you further, he knows a lot about NVidia on Fedora.


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For laptops, there’s this X11-Wayland bridge which allows for rendering the desktop environment using Wayland when the integrated graphics card is put to use and shifts control over to X11, when it comes to executing stuff in fullscreen for things that must use the discrete graphics card. This is also known as the Optimus configuration - which is the default result of NVIDIA driver installation on an Optimus-supported laptop.

Wayland is pretty low-level in nature which has been both a source of appreciation due to its apparent smoothness and snappiness as compared to the same on X11 and criticism due to the inability to shift the rendering pipeline to a discrete graphics card. Desktop PCs must have to stick with X11 as there cannot be any configuration where two display devices can work together, being on separate buses and so the case.

Coming to your question, Wayland is pretty messed up when it comes to the support for NVIDIA drivers other than nouveau. To add to that, you would not want to stick to nouveau as that seriously undermines the capabilities of your discrete graphic card and trading those features off just to stick Wayland is not worth it. X11 does support the proprietary NVIDIA drivers but is it Wayland? No.

Also, X11 comes with a variety of problems with its half-baked support of NVIDIA proprietary drivers and with the code of X11 changed not so much since a very long time, I would not be surprised that at one fine morning I wake up to boot into the PRIME-configured F33 Workstation and it fails to show up the display - just because X11 patches could not keep up with the driver update I made last night. There’s screen tearing due to deferred pipelining, underutilized capacity issue and what not.

Such is a state of affair with NVIDIA. I do have high hopes with Wayland as there’s much to come for their support for proprietary NVIDIA drivers but I would rather buy myself an AMD card for now and keep going with Wayland.


I agree on this, when Wayland works, it works well. The stocks are still empty for that sweet, sweet 6800XT :stuck_out_tongue:

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