Which video editor do you guys use?

Fedora Workstation version : 34

Which video editor do you guys use in Fedora ?
I have very basic video editing requirements like creating subclips, joining multiple clips into one video, etc.
So, I tried installing Davinci Resolve 17. The installation itself was difficult.

After the installation, just to start the application I had to uninstall some pocl thing. POCL = Portable Computing Language

Before I start playing around with “Davinci Resolve”, I thought of asking you guys on what software you use to edit videos.

decades ago I learned a little bit Adobe Premiere at college. Made some movies of our snowboard trips and so on… recently I needed to edit some videos again and tried both Shotcut and Kdenlive. Shotcut turned out to be very unstable, crashing a lot. Kdenlive took me a while to warm up with, but they have plenty of good tutorial videos online and the application itself works smooth. Well, I am on the KDE Plasma spin of Fedora, so that might be a plus for Kdenlive as well.

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@panjukadiyan92 this is an very OPEN TOPIC depending in your requeriments but you can check this:



I use kden live and it works for me everything what i need you can try.

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Hello @panjukadiyan92 ,
I have done a bit of video editing, but that was many fedora releases ago, like probably 20. I think Pitivi is what I used then, and it worked for some scene splicing of family videos in my case for my parents material. As I don’t remember any outstanding issues and I am not a video pro in any sense of the words, I think it was easy to use. It is a community project and available in flatpak as well as an rpm. There is also Shotcut, which is a community cross platform video editor, which I am not familiar with.

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I use Shotcut and like it. I’ve used it for the sort of editing you described. When I import variable frame rate videos, like those taken with a smartphone, it has worked better then Kdenlive for me.

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