Which repo does Fedora get these 'popular' yet unofficial packages from?

Fedora version: 30 (Workstation)

Applications like neofetch or cmatrix are popular but they are not developed by fedora/Red Hat.
In a fedora machine where neofetch or cmatrix are not installed, if I type neofetch, I will be prompted to install it like below

I am curious on which repo are these packages are stored in and more importantly whether it is certified by Fedora development team ? When I run a

dnf search

as shown below, I do not see the source repo name. I only the package name and its description.

[sysadmin@localhost ~]$ sudo dnf search cmatrix
[sudo] password for sysadmin: 
============================== Name Exactly Matched: cmatrix =========================
cmatrix.x86_64 : A scrolling 'Matrix'-like screen
============================== Name Matched: cmatrix ================================
cmatrix-x11-fonts.x86_64 : The font of 'Matrix' for X11

Wait. The vast majority of applications included in a Linux distribution is not developed by the distribution’s maintainers/developers/contributors. From Wikipedia: a Linux distribution (often abbreviated as distro) is an operating system made from a software collection that is based upon the Linux kernel and, often, a package management system.
Such software is developed upstream. The distro maintainers then compile and package them and then they include the packages in a repository. Some repositories are official (maintained by the distro contributors) and other are third party repositories.

However, to know in which repository you can find a software, you can issue this command:
sudo dnf info cmatrix


Thank You alciregi. Now I know the repo names. One more question.

You said Such software is developed upstream . I only have a basic knowledge of how Linux is developed.
What exactly does ‘upstream’ mean ?

Yeah, sorry.
Upstream means the “root”, the “source” of something, the upper level.
Like Debian, it is upstream to Ubuntu.
Or Fedora is somewath upstream to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Then, a software is developed upstream (has his repository, his developers, his foundation or sponsor, his processes, and so on), and someone (downstream) pick that software as is or with little patches, and build a package that can be installed in the Linux distribution.


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