Which package is the culprit? Tracking down the source of an auth issue

So I was testing updates from updates testing yesterday and pulled in everything that was sitting there including an update to pam and sssd. While it was updating I had walked away, and I came back to the screen locked…so I tried to login as usual and got told the login was incorrect or something. So I figure that’s fine I’ll just downgrade the packages. Off I go, ssh in and perform a dnf distro-sync, and because authselect hasn’t quite made it to stable it downgrades to the previous version (1.2.1-4) and sssd and any other packages that weren’t in the stable repos. After rebooting, I can no longer login via ssh or from the login screen…this is super awesome. I go and lookup bodhi to see what the details were about the authselect update and notice this changes some perms on it’s files. I mount the drive and chroot in, and reinstall the authselect update from testing, but the problem isn’t resolved, I check the journal, sudo and a number of other auth related things are coredumping whenever they’re accessed, and there’s some pam init errors right back at the start of the system journal. So I look at /etc/pam.d and notice that password-auth, system-auth, postlogin and a few other files are just dangling symlinks pointing at /etc/authselect now…well I had chrooted in from an F32 system, so I initially just copied in the files and updated the symlinks to the same as what was in F32, and behold, I can now login again. Then I did some research on authselect, and realised that what i needed to do was to perform an authselect select sssd --force to restore the files to what they should have been. I did this and all the symlinks and files were restored to their rightful place and there were no further issues. So the question is, was this authselect, pam, or sssd that caused this to happen after the downgrade? How can I track this down to lodge a bug report?


You need to find a way to reproduce the issue.
Virtualization is your best friend.

Cool I should have though of that really, but anyway, was definitely authselect downgrade that caused it:



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