Which Nvidia driver to install?

I have an Nvidia GTX 960M in my laptop, which supports optimus (my CPU has integrated graphics). I just wanna know what drivers I should install in your opinion?

Three years ago I went for the nvidia proprietary ones, but having a tainted kernel didn’t feel too good. I didn’t have any optimus support eitheir. Has there been some evolutions on options/performances? My main use cases are minecraft and video playback, and speed is a concern for me.

The nvidia drivers installed from rpmfusion have always worked flawlessly for me. See the instructions from rpmfusion or from fedora on how to install and use them.

Tainted kernel route then. I know these drivers do not contain malware but with time It made me feel uneasy to have them. But I guess they are contained so as to not pose any security threat to the system and since they are the only decent drivers guess so I’ll go with them.