Which laptop will be best for dual booting

I am Mr. Sumantra Bhattacharya from India. I want to install Fedora 30 and Windows 10/Windows 7. Can any one suggest me which laptop should be best to fulfill the purpose. I have HP Notebook 15-da 1048tu. This laptop does not support dual boot and in this context I have asked to HP support, they replied HP does not recommend dual booting. Can any one suggest which laptop will be best? I have the following requirements:

  1. I want to do dual booting (Windows 10/Windows 7 and Fedora 30)

  2. Screen 15 inches

  3. Processor i5, 1 TB hard disk, 4 GB or 8 GB RAM. If you kindly suggest me which model will be best to serve the purpose, it will be very helpful for me.

Thanks in advance.



Hi, welcome to ask.fedora.
I think, the purpose of this forum is different from what you expect. The forum is meant to help you solve Fedora-related questions.

In general, Hardware support is mainly determined by the kernel, not so much the distribution.

These days, the kernel covers a lot of the common hardware, unless it’s the newest of the newest.

If you buy any intel based notebook from any of the four-six big manufacturers, you’ll be fine. The one thing you may want to avoid are Broadcom wireless chipsets, they are sometimes not supported by the kernel and require proprietary modules.

Once you have selected a model, you can verify Linux support for the components online. (linux-drivers.org)

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