Which Fedora-kernel will first have in-kernel exfat support enabled?

It seems the support was staged in 5.7 and mainlined in 5.8.

So to keep the question simple: After which kernel (Fedora Core) version can we remove fuse-exfat to use the in-kernel exfat driver instead?

5.7.4 is currently being tested for the current release (5.7.4-200.fc32, you can participate in the upcoming testweek, if you like). Fedora Rawhide already has 5.8.0-rc1, so 5.8. will be in the next Fedora release, Fedora 33.

(Sidenote: Since Fedora 7, it’s no longer called Fedora Core. There is Fedora CoreOS, but that is something different)


Okay. Let’s rephrase it. Which Fedora kernel will first have in-kernel exfat support enabled?

(I assumed the .fc in the Fedora package names stood for Fedora Core)

I don’t know specifically about exfat support, but Fedora follows the upstream kernel very closely and will typically support whatever upstream supports. So if 5.7.4 upstream supports in-kernel exfat, I’d expect Fedora’s version to do so, too - that would mean that the next release of the Fedora kernel package will support exfat. I don’t know if there’s a schedule for that, but I’d expect it fairly soon.

I think it did, originally. Probably kept in that format for compatibility reasons, though I’m not sure. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter, I just wanted to mention it, because people might get confused with CoreOS.


as far as I am aware of exfat, it was first staged in kernel 5.4 (with an old driver (read only?)). The full implementation of a newer exfat driver is available since kernel 5.7. (Further improvement by Samsung will land with kernel 5.8)

So, to answer your question, as soon as you install a 5.7.x kernel, you are good to go.

5.8 will come to F32 before F33 will be released: http://phb-crystal-ball.org/


Right. I keep forgetting how quickly the kernel iterates …


$ grep -i exfat /boot/config-5.7.4-200.fc32.x86_64 

# DOS/FAT/EXFAT/NT Filesystems
# end of DOS/FAT/EXFAT/NT Filesystems

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