Which distribution should i use on my new ryzen laptop

I have bought already thanks anyways

Yes in my area there are no vendors who ship linux out of the box
Maybe i have used windows but the data collection they are doing background i don’t have faith in windows i don’t know why but windows is a paid software and we are paying then why will they also collect data

As a example i saw in my pc while setting up look at they are collecting my keyboard stocks also like a key logger this is totally unacceptable thanks your suggestion

You can also turn off each of those during the setup. I personally don’t trust that they are actually “off” though.

Yes your are correct i found that they still collect everything it actually never turns off i found in some document
$ some example

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yes please and that is correct close this topic as i have already installed as per community thank you.
and you can delete those comments also if it was a violation of community rule.

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