Which common compilers and toolchains available, would you recommend?

Hello, everyone !!!
Which software works for your best when it comes to compiling software from source ?
Being a Fedora newbie, answering this question would give me in sight for what to use in future time.

That entirely depends on the software you are compiling. The tools you use might be totally different between C, Java, and rust. If you want to install the most common compilers and toolchains:

sudo dnf groupinstall 'Development Tools' 'RPM Development Tools' 'C Development Tools and Libraries'

There are more environments available in dnf grouplist.


Could you please clarify what you mean here? In its current form, the question doesn’t make a lot of sense. :confused:

There is no magic tool that compiles software from source. Each software has its own build system, and one must use that to compile/build/install it as necessary. One must be able to read the build system’s configuration scripts to learn what “dependencies” are needed. One then needs to satisfy these dependencies. Similar to Scott’s note, if these dependencies have already been packaged for Fedora, one can just install them using dnf which helps (and is the whole point of distribution level packages).

So, would you have a specific question perhaps? This is far too broad and vague a topic to be able to really discuss it.

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Oh, I apologize for being too broad and vague. To clarify, I was interested in using the most common compilers and toolchains available. In my case, I will be compiling Picocrypt from source.

OK, then you need to learn what tools it uses to build and use those. Looks like a golang project: