Which alternatives, with H.264/H.265/VC1 acceleration disabled from mesa drivers?


Following the Fedora announcement a few days ago about disabling the H.264/H.265/VC1VA-API from mesa drivers because of legal issues.

While I completely understand the legal situation here, I’d like to know if users have a easy alternative to enable them back?

Thank you!

If you use Intel or Nvidia graphics: you are not affected by this to begin with! Intel’s graphics driver does not use Mesa for VA-API; instead, it uses Intel’s own proprietary intel-media-driver (which you can get from RPM Fusion). Nvidia’s proprietary driver does not use Mesa at all.

If you use AMD graphics: themesa-freeworld package will contain VA-API support for H.264, H.265, and VC-1. It’s currently under review, hopefully it will be released soon! 6426 – Review request: mesa-freeworld - Mesa graphics libraries

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I do have an AMD GPU. Glad to know there’s an easy alternative on the horizon!

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If I already have the RPMFusion repo enabled on my machine, will this package automatically update on my machine? I also have an AMD GPU and I’m wondering what I will have to do to get this. I noticed an update come through for me today that mentioned H.264, but I wasn’t sure if that was the fix that’s been in the works.

You will have to opt-in by installing the mesa-freeworld package. It seems they still are deciding if it’s going to replace the distrib package or offer an alternative. (I’d be perfectly fine with replacing…)

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