Where to stash a few files?

Hi CommOps friends,

I have two files that I want to commit, but I’m not sure where they’d best fit.

  1. A Python script that pulls posts from the WordPress API and comes up with a count for the number of posts for each author (to make it easier for me to go in and grant badges from time to time)
  2. A CSV file of candidate and voter counts for elections. This is mostly so Matthew can pull it into his “state of Fedora” talk and whatever other graphs he wants to produce.

I was thinking I might put them both in the CommOps Pagure repo, but #1 could arguably go into the toolbox repo and #2 could go into the fedora-metrics repo. In either case, I’d need to be granted permission to whatever repo makes sense. Or if it’s not a good fit for CommOps, I’ll toss it in my own repo.

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Hey @bcotton, this is a good question. My tl;dr is: put everything in one place and only one place.

There is an open issue in Pagure for something related, fedora-commops#162. My personal opinion is it is better to migrate all these scattered repos, scripts, and tools in one central place, like the fedora-commops repo. Since @bt0dotninja mentioned in the retrospective thread about looking at metrics work again, I think it is helpful to put these things somewhere that brings greater visibility.

If metrics tools become incredibly popular and get lots of PRs in a week, it’s always possible to split them out later. But currently, there is little to no visible metrics work going on, so I think it’s best to put them into fedora-commops since this is where activity currently happens.

This is my personal opinion though.

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I’m inclined to agree, but I didn’t want to do that if that’s not how we’re currently doing it. Sounds like if that’s not the current state, though, it’s at least the desired state. If no one objects, I’ll toss them in there once I have commit access.

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@jwf (or anyone else): can you please grant me commit-level access in the fedora-commops repo?

Oops, sorry, I thought you had it already! This is done. :white_check_mark:

Thanks, @jwf! Files pushed.

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