Where to find the checksum for Fedora 38 and some other questions

On the page you are referring to, it has the alternative/complicated way of checking: shasum -a 256 -c <<< ‘(hashToCompare) mode character

In my case I got the ‘FAILED’ output.

I’m guessing shasum 5.84 doesn’t understand BSD-style checksums. According to the changelog that comes with Fedora’s shasum, the BSD-style --tag option was added in shasum 6.00 in 2017.

This is BSD-style:

SHA256 (Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-38-1.6.iso) = 7a444a2e19012023bf0b015ae30135bafc5fd20f4f333310d42b118745093992

This is GNU-style:

7a444a2e19012023bf0b015ae30135bafc5fd20f4f333310d42b118745093992 Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-38-1.6.iso

By the way, shasum 5.84 is from 2013.

I assume that by now you have manually verified that your download has the correct checksum, but if could be helpful to others to fully understand the failure and hopefully provide a workaround to make things easier in the future.

You could try creating a file using shasum -a 256 --tag ISO_name > ISO_name.SHA256 and see if sha1sum -c ISO_name.SHA256 gives an acceptable format and an “OK” result.

You can convert the format

perl -pe 's/SHA256 \(([^)]+)\) = ([0-9a-f]+)/$2  $1/;' Fedora-Workstation-38-1.6-x86_64-CHECKSUM > newchecksum
shasum -a 256 -c newchecksum