Where to find a manager gui for users and groups

Hello, the first time I use Fedora (32) and gnome and I am used to the graphical interface in other os.
I need to find out which groups my users are in and which groups are active on my computer.
Is there a graphical interface in gnome for this?
I have read about the “User Manager tool” but it is not in my system nor in the repositories. Gnome user settings is just a basic “change password tool”.

Where can I find a gui for users and groups manager?

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in your system should be Settings> users

Thank you, That is the first place to look up but It does not give really any information about the user, but to change password and automatic loggin.
Terminal can do all the job but if it is use ones in a while then first it is needed to get all information and commands to do something.
I am looking for a gui manager for users and groups

You can try mate-user-admin.

The old system-config-users was broken. (System-config-users missing in F31)



Thank you Grumpey, this has the functionality to manage groups for users.