Where to begin: docker, Atomic, Conainer Linux, Fedora/RedHat/CentOS CoreOS?


I am a long time *NIX operator/sysadmin with many years of keyboard time on RH, Yellow Dog, Fedora (I remember the Core wars), RHEL, CentOS and many others. I have a heavy focus in virtualization, both VMware and KVM/libvirt, and I believe containers and the openshift style infrastructure is the logical progression to my next level of education. Right?

But how do I do containers to get started right now, without spending a lot of time on what may become irrelevant tech (hello, docker swarm.)

  • Install Docker on my OS of choice

  • Deploy an Atomic VM

  • Deploy a Container Linux VM/iron machine

  • Patiently wait for FCOS to drop a beta

I surely can’t wait so long as that last point requires, but I’d rather not spend a lot of time figuring out RedHat Atmoic and os-tree if that is going to change drastically.

I know I’m asking about a lot of things that are currently in flux. I don’t really expect definitive answers, I’m hoping the folks here who know more and have walked these paths can provide some suggestions.


I would start by doing a “oc cluster up” on a Fedora/Centos, or Minishift, and do some basic containers, play with s2i. You likely do not want to do bare containers right away, because that’s kinda too low level and lots of stuff are missing. Kubernetes/Openshift is the way to go for the industry, and the os (FCOS, etc) is not the most important detail when starting IMHO.


Thanks misc, that is exactly the sort of feedback I’m looking for. I’ll do some reading and give a few things a try.