Where to Ask / Search for / Potentially File Bug for Excessive Bluetooth Device (IoT?) Listings in Bluetooth Settings?

Hello all!
I’ve been using Fedora for quite some time but hope to get more involved in the project and all the component open source projects of the system. I recently upgraded my wifi/bluetooth card and i think as a result I’m now seeing many many more devices listed in the Bluetooth settings. In particular, the “Seos” (I think the security card / RF badge readers in buildings) and “[Signage] Samsung QBR Series” entries. See attached images for examples. While I’m sure these might be useful to some folks, I think for most people these just clutter and obstruct the dialog.

Should I take this question/ concern to a more specific project, forum or project bug tracker, and if so, where? I don’t know enough about Bluetooth to know if there even is a way to potentially filter these types of things out.

Over the years I’ve been so concerned about filing a duplicate bug or a bug in the wrong place or about asking first and not knowing where to ask that I just haven’t contributed much, so hoping to change that :slight_smile:


I certainly would not worry about that.

It only indicates that your bluetooth device is sensitive with a good antenna and sees a lot of devices when it scans. It certainly is not a bug because most of us complain about our devices not being sensitive enough, not too sensitive. In fact, anything that cuts down signal strength can interfere with communications so you should be thankful that it appears as sensitive as it does.

Once you have paired the system to another bluetooth device then the scan mode otherwise known as pairing mode, will be inactive and you will no longer see that listing.