Where should I report a bug in Fedora Media Writer (Windows)?

About a month ago, I posted about an issue with Fedora Media Writer failing to launch on Windows 10. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any advice on how I can try to get Fedora Media Writer to work, or alternatively, find a step-by-step guide on manually verifying Fedora ISOs with PGP on Windows.

Today I re-installed Fedora Media Writer just in case it was updated, but I’m still having the same issue. Since I wasn’t able to get any help with it, I was wondering how I should go about reporting this bug. I’m not at all familiar with Git or bug tracking systems like Bugzilla. I tried reading through the “How to file a bug” page on Fedora Docs and it doesn’t seem to provide information on how to report a bug about Fedora Media Writer (Windows).

I used this version (Oct 23 2023) on Windows 10 LTSC 21H2 no problem: Release Development Build (Windows) · FedoraQt/MediaWriter · GitHub

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I could try it out, though it seems to be unsigned. The only reason I wanted to use Fedora Media Writer was to verify the ISO, so if I’m using an unsigned program, it kinda defeats my purpose for using it. Again, there is also the alternative of finding a step-by-step guide for verifying it with PGP, but I’m not sure if that exists either.

I appreciate the suggestion though!