Where new package requests can be created?

Is the Red Hat’s Bugzilla (documentation) the intended place, by filing a bug report requesting a package review? This may not be the best place for casual users since you have to (or should) take the dependencies and software licenses into account, and perhaps the Fedora’s speedy Linux kernel updates as well.

Are there any official secondary avenues? Can such tentative requests be placed here on Ask Fedora?


In discussions I have seen in the past it is suggested that if you really want a new package to be included in fedora then you are encouraged to become a maintainer for that package; either yourself or enlist someone else to do so. This is referenced in the post above.


In general, there are always more ideas than implemeners. That’s true for packaging in Fedora as well. Occasionally there are people looking to get involved who would like something easy to work on, but usually people package up things because it’s software they use or are involved with or would otherwise benefit from having packaged themselves.

There used to be, on the wiki somewhere, a request list. But I can’t even find that anymore, and anyway, the point was going to be that it’s a long list dating back to the early 2000s without much activity. It’s not really a useful thing to have, it turns out.

So that’s why people with this question often get the “why don’t you do it?” answer. I know it can feel a little dismissive, but it really is the best way. And you don’t have to be a programmer to do it – learning packaging takes some skill, but is something anyone with interest can learn.


I think it’s this:


Here’s a recent tutorial we’d done to get folks started (recording link at the bottom of the post):