Where is the `VirtualBox` package compiled?

VirtualBox - Fedora Packages doesn’t return the main package, VirtualBox, despite sudo dnf5 search virtualbox returning:

Updating and loading repositories:
Repositories loaded.
Matched fields: name, summary
 VirtualBox-devel.x86_64: VirtualBox SDK
 VirtualBox-kmodsrc.noarch: VirtualBox kernel module source code
 VirtualBox-server.x86_64: core part (host server) for VirtualBox
 VirtualBox-webservice.x86_64: WebService GUI part for VirtualBox
 akmod-VirtualBox.x86_64: Akmod package for VirtualBox kernel module(s)
 kmod-VirtualBox.x86_64: Metapackage which tracks in VirtualBox kernel module for newest kernel
 python3-VirtualBox.x86_64: Python3 bindings for VirtualBox
 virtualbox-guest-additions.x86_64: VirtualBox Guest Additions
 virtualbox-guest-additions-debuginfo.x86_64: Debug information for package virtualbox-guest-additions
 virtualbox-guest-additions-debugsource.x86_64: Debug sources for package virtualbox-guest-additions
Matched fields: name
 VirtualBox.x86_64: A general-purpose full virtualizer for PC hardware
Matched fields: summary
 RemoteBox.noarch: Open Source VirtualBox Client with Remote Management
 fence-agents-vbox.noarch: Fence agent for VirtualBox
 libvirt-daemon-driver-vbox.x86_64: VirtualBox driver plugin for the libvirtd daemon
 libvirt-daemon-vbox.x86_64: Server side daemon & driver required to run VirtualBox guests
> dnf -q list VirtualBox
Available Packages
VirtualBox.x86_64    7.0.18-1.fc40    rpmfusion-free-updates

> dnf -q info VirtualBox | grep -e ^Repository
Repository   : rpmfusion-free-updates

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