Where is the libinput setting to adjust tap length?

I would like do adjust the length of tap to click, but I am finding very conflicting information regarding which file to edit.
I’m on a Dell XPS15 7590, if it matters.

Thank you!

Hi @briggs1978

I found a bit of information what you can check out
libinput - ArchWiki

But in resume

For Wayland, there is no libinput configuration file. The configurable options depend on the progress of your desktop environment’s support for them; see #Graphical tools.

For Xorg, a default configuration file for the wrapper is installed to /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/40-libinput.conf . No extra configuration is necessary for it to autodetect keyboards, touchpads, trackpointers and supported touchscreens.

And it is the options of configuration in libinput in wayland:


I know it is not solving your question, but i think it will help you a bit.


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Thank you for the help. I did some digging around on the Wayland side, but couldn’t find anything obvious to me.
I ended up returning that computer so it’s not an issue anymore.

Thank you!

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