Where is the best place to request a new package

Hi Ask Fedora
We use AWS client vpn with AWS sso SAML integration, this combination forces us to use AWS vpn client instead of OpenVPN clients.

The package is only supported on Ubuntu, and I tried to use alien but did not work.
We tried to request it from AWS support but did not get an ETA.
Is there anyway that fedora community can help in providing a fedora package for it?
Thanks in advance.

You can request it on https://bugzilla.redhat.com but it depends on a package maintainer being willing to package it, as well as it meeting standards for licensing, etc.


You can’t actually request new packages on Bugzilla—there’s no component for this there, it only has components for already existing Fedora packages :frowning:

Please see my reply here for more information:


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Following AWS’ instructions, it seems that this is simply a openvpn connection (see .ovpn config file). So there is no reason to install their proprietary client if Gnome’s Network Manager can do the same for you, see Connect using an OpenVPN client application - AWS Client VPN

As for packaging this thing for Fedora: Impossible, since it doesn’t seem to opensource software.

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Thank you all for your responses.
@augenauf you are correct in case SAML authentication is not enabled, but in case SSO and SAML are enabled, their client is required.
Will try to reach to AWS support again, or may try to request it to be packaged by Amazon linux team.
Thanks again.

Amazon VPN client may be available from Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL). I believe that’s where Red Hat puts extras that can’t be part of Red Hat and Fedora proper.

No, EPEL is a repository of packages that are part of Fedora but not part of RHEL, so extra packages for RHEL and other rpm-based Enterprise Linuxes (Oracle, Centos, Rocky, …) . Don’t add the EPEL repo to Fedora.