Where is some Error log for Thunderbird?

Try to find a way to copy content in error messages that pop up when error in email program Thunderbird. Cannot find log files on Thunderbird.
thanks Jaap

  Maybe it’s in journalctl | grep -i thunderbird (idk)?

Thanks for your answer.
The journalctl does not cite the Error messages. You can read something went wrong. But the content of the error messages does not read in journalctl. And it takes some hassle to find the right arguments for the grep…
Again thank you.

maybe is screenshot an option or an “mark, copy-paste” to a text file ?

   If you start thunderbird from terminal?  Do it detaches, or stays connected to the terminal and shows the messages?

Hallo, thank you. This sounds good. I will try. For now the error messages do not show up.
thanks a lot.

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