Where is Firebird?

I have just upgraded a machine to Fedora 33 KDE and was surprised, but pleased, to find that the firebird database server had already been installed as part of the distribution. I have installed & used firebird on several Windows machines in the past. I expected to find somebodySQL on a Linux machine.

However, when I couldn’t seem to find any information about the installation I consulted the firebird 3 documentation which recommended techniques for discovering more about the firebird installation on Linux machines. None of the techniques was successful, however:

Quick Start Guide, section 3.4, Testing your installation: Ping localhost (check). Section section 3.4.2, Server check: issued “top -b -n1 | grep [f]irebird” ~ nothing listed; concluded the server had not been started. The documentation suggests one of three commands, " /etc/init.d/firebird start or systemctl start firebird and systemctl enable firebird ," to start the server. None worked, nor was I able to locate the isql firebird client.

As SU from a terminal window I checked with “dnf install firebird”. dnf reported firebird 3.x.x was already installed.

But where?

Thanks for your replies.


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sudo dnf install firebird
sudo systemctl --now enable firebird-superserver.service

See also: Firebird - Fedora Project Wiki


Thank you for your reply. I have the server running now. I probably should start it automatically on startup.


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