Where do I put a command to load a module before a network interface is brought up?

I know where to do it on Ubuntu but need to do it on Fedora now.
What is the directory/file where this information is kept?
I have to add a firewire0 adapter by loading firewire-net.

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echo firewire-net | sudo tee /etc/modules-load.d/firewire-net.conf

Working with Kernel Modules :: Fedora Docs

Thank you!

Now, where can I find detailed information on filling out ifcfg-firewire0?

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ifcfg-rh is mostly deprecated, so you should follow one of those:

I appreciate that it is deprecated but it is what I need, not alternatives.

Probably there’s a misunderstanding.
You’d best to explain in detail what you want to achieve.

Sure! I do not have network manager, and I do not use “predictable names”. My interfaces are named eth0 and firewire0. I want to provide correct ifcfg-firewire0 for this interface.

nm-settings-ifcfg-rh docs