Where did the KDE Oxygen themes go?


I’m trying to fix some bugged out icons on my Fedora install. I’m using the Oxygen icons theme (aka KDE 4 style) and some icons have been recently replaced by KDE 5 icons. I expected this was a package problem but it survived upgrading F30 to both F31 and F32 (I’ve stuck with F31 for now).

I installed F32 in a VM to try and re-create my setup and copy the missing files to my system, but apparently the Oxygen themes have gone missing. I’m talking about the “Oxygen” global theme and the “Oxygen” icons theme.

Clicking on Get New Icons/Global Themes, I can only find clearly different themes which have “oxygen” as part of their name, but not the main Oxygen themes. What has happened to them?

AFAICT, the Oxygen RPMs are still available for F32:

[   ] oxygen-cursor-themes-5.18.4-1.fc32.noarch.rpm                               01-Apr-2020 01:05  1.0M  
[   ] oxygen-fonts-5.4.3-12.fc32.x86_64.rpm                                       30-Jan-2020 18:10  7.0K  
[   ] oxygen-fonts-common-5.4.3-12.fc32.noarch.rpm                                30-Jan-2020 18:10   22K  
[   ] oxygen-fonts-devel-5.4.3-12.fc32.i686.rpm                                   30-Jan-2020 18:10  9.4K  
[   ] oxygen-fonts-devel-5.4.3-12.fc32.x86_64.rpm                                 30-Jan-2020 18:10  9.4K  
[   ] oxygen-gtk2-1.4.6-14.fc32.i686.rpm                                          30-Jan-2020 18:10  530K  
[   ] oxygen-gtk2-1.4.6-14.fc32.x86_64.rpm                                        30-Jan-2020 18:10  488K  
[   ] oxygen-icon-theme-5.67.0-1.fc32.noarch.rpm                                  02-Feb-2020 19:18   29M  
[   ] oxygen-mono-fonts-5.4.3-12.fc32.noarch.rpm                                  30-Jan-2020 18:10   23K  
[   ] oxygen-sans-fonts-5.4.3-12.fc32.noarch.rpm                                  30-Jan-2020 18:10   44K  
[   ] oxygen-sound-theme-5.18.4-1.fc32.noarch.rpm                                 01-Apr-2020 01:05  1.7M


Thanks can’t believe I forgot about those, took me ages to figure out I had to install those after I first got KDE5 years ago.

Unfortunately I’ve run sudo dnf install oxygen-* and restarted the VM and the Oxygen global theme still isn’t showing up. The only global themes I have in the VM are Breeze, Breeze Dark and Fedora, whereas on my real (host) machine I have a fourth theme - Oxygen.

Hm, I will look into this. The only thing I think that could be happening is that the themes location has changed and somehow the Oxygen RPMs weren’t updated to reflect that.