Where can I submit an issue & possible resolution regarding dnf-automatic?

I previously submitted a question regarding DNF-Automatic where it would fail if I put my computer to sleep and woke it at some point after DNF-Automatic was configured to run. You can see that thread here

I believe the issue was that DNF-Automatic would start virtually immediately after waking my computer but it took a second or two for my computer to get back online with an internet connection.

I added ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 30 to the service file and that fixed this issue. DNF Automatic has been working flawlessly since then.

I checked today and DNF Automatic had failed to run. After seeing what updates were recently installed, sure enough it seems like DNF Automatic had been recently upgraded and my changes of adding ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 30 were removed.

It would be nice if subsequent upgrades/versions of DNF Automatic could have a similar sleep command included in the service file to account for users who have their computers go to sleep. This way DNF Automatic would continue to work properly even when it updates again

Where could I submit such an issue/request?



Submit a bug report or feature request at https://bugzilla.redhat.com


But honestly, this solution looks like a wooden leg: systemd units’ “After=” and such properties should work (while according to the last topic they somehow isn’t).

Based on your previous post, I assume you mean you edited the file from the package (i.e., something in /usr/), which will of course be overwritten every time you update the package.

If you want to create an override, there are other directories that are not touched by packages and overlay the existing unit files. There’s no need to guess where they are; you can use systemctl to add an override:

$ sudo systemctl edit dnf-automatic-install.service

Your editor should open in which you can place, e.g.,

ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 30

or any After lines you wish.

Also be sure to run sudo systemctl daemon-reload after changing config (or just rebooting.)

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man systemctl (for systemctl edit, not for manual modifications):

edit UNIT…

  • After the units have been edited, systemd configuration is reloaded (in a way that is equivalent to daemon-reload).

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Thanks for the suggestion. When I enter: sudo systemctl edit dnf-automatic-install.service, I’m just presented with an empty file though. Am I missing something/misunderstanding or is this to be expected?

Yes, it’s an override file, and you have no override written yet, so it should be empty. You can fill it with whatever section and keys/values you want, which get merged with the existing file.

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Thanks, I appreciate your help with this.
So just to confirm I understand,I will do the following, does this seem correct?

In the override file is the line [Service] actually required though?
In any event after, after making this modification i will reboot for good measure.

Any obvious issues/problems in what I’ve understood so far?

Thanks again for the help!

Yes, that’s correct.

You do need [Service] because that’s the section in which ExecStartPre belongs. Overrides are not concatenated together textually, but are merged together, section-by-section, key-by-key. See Example 2 here.


Thanks for clarifying. I’ve made the change. I’ll find out in a few hours if things work as expected :slight_smile:

I appreciate your help on this. Your suggestion worked like a charm. Thanks

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