When will the Fedora Linux Standard Base implementation upgrade to LSB 5.0

I have discovered the specification for Linux Standard Base on the Linux foundation website. When I installed Linux Standard Base to Fedora Workstation I discovered that it only implements LSB 4.1 instead of version 5.0, which is the latest version. Why? and when will LSB support version 5?

I just made a link that people can see about what the topic is.

sudo dnf install redhat-lsb-core

We are using the main sponsors lsb. You might also ask there?

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Take a look at 2118596 – Please build redhat-lsb 5.0 for Fedora

Basically, even 5.0 is out of date and would be difficult to implement (it’s lacking things like aarch64 support and requires a bunch of old things we have long since updated).